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Free At Last

A Life-Changing Journey through the Gospel of Luke

Many of us live life in bondage – to food, family or fear, to our past, present or future —almost anything that keeps us from being who God intended us to be. But Jesus has come to give us abundant life and set us free. In A Life-Changing Journey through the Gospel of Luke, we learn that nothing is impossible with God. Dare to learn His Word through this inductive study and begin to live a life of liberty in Christ.



What They’re Saying …

Dr. Tremper Longman III

Robert H. Gundry Professor of Biblical Studies; Westmont College

Author of Reading the Bible with Heart and Mind and over twenty other books:

The quality and format of this wonderful Bible study on Luke is an improvement on previous Bible Studies and will lead the reader to a deeper understanding and appropriation of the passage. Leesa Donner does a masterful job of challenging and encouraging the reader through the notes and the accompanying questions to enter the world of the gospel and come away not only with a better knowledge of the text but a transformed heart.


Cal Thomas

Syndicated Columnist/Fox News Contributor

Leesa and her husband Tim are two great blessings in the lives of my wife and me. I am pleased to recommend Leesa’s excellent Bible study.


Dr. Robert Norris

Senior Pastor, Fourth Presbyterian Church, Bethesda, MD:

This helpful, scholarly and yet accessible workbook is a unique aid in understanding the gospel of Luke. It provides a significant resource to teachers and groups looking for material that is user friendly and yet also textually accurate. It is a work that has already produced spiritual fruit in the lives of many who have used it at Fourth Church.


Nathalie deWolf (student):

In today’s frantic world, the sad truth is that the majority of people have little time to devote to Bible study. Therefore, in order to meet the need to reach these busy people, a number of studies have sought to reduce the time factor, but—in doing so—have unfortunately sacrificed depth. This Heart & Mind study, however, somehow manages the challenge of achieving that elusive balance: it guides the student beyond the superficial, delivering pertinent contextual information, and tackling some key theology, all the while keeping the timeframe of each segment concise enough that it can truly fit into anyone’s schedule, even the most overwhelmed ones amongst us. In this way it is refreshingly different, truly enabling every Christian to devote the “first fruits” of his or her day to our Lord, and to gain the insight necessary to grow in faith.


Judy Henderson (student):

The material was organized logically and the questions were challenging—especially thoughtful in practical application and focusing on [one’s] relationship with the Lord. I could tell the research and time put into the course was extensive, well thought-out and applicable.


Mary Babcock (student):

[This study demonstrates] an excellent use of resources, e.g. commentaries, getting below the surface; word studies, emphasis on classical Biblical criticism … the exercises got us into the scriptures and the questions made the student think about the message and look carefully at what the scripture is actually saying.


Bonnie Bodo (student):

I liked the scholarship—it was a good balance. I like the key words and some Greek but not overly academic. It was less stressful but just as challenging as Precepts.


Cheryl Butz (student):

I learned so much … and I especially enjoyed the last section “Exploring the Heart of the Matter.” I had several “Ah, ha!” moments with this study while doing the work at home. For me, this was more thought-provoking than Beth Moore, but I was able to keep up with the workload, unlike Precepts.


Marjorie Radford (student):

Less burdensome than Community Bible Study … the scholarship was excellent!


Linda Sillin (student):

More intellectual in scope and philosophy than “Women in the Bible”—wonderful material: comprehensive, thoughtful, worked well within the scope of a [small] group.